EMSDC ROAR conference
Case Study

Empowering EMSDC's ROAR Conference Success

EMSDC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic opportunities for diverse businesses. EMSDC's ROAR conference is an annual event dedicated to connecting diverse suppliers with private, public, and government buying institutions. The event was held on April 14th, 2023, at the Sofitel Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. The conference aimed to connect diverse suppliers with private, public, and government buying institutions.

The Challenge

With a limited budget, EMSDC faced several challenges in organizing and managing the ROAR conference. It also needed to have a reliable platform that would be able to manage critical aspects of the event process under one umbrella. Some of the key challenges included:

  • Managing attendee registration and payment processing for a large number of  s3.
  • Facilitating networking and matchmaking opportunities between diverse suppliers and buying institutions.
  • Ensuring seamless on-site check-in and attendance tracking.

The Solution

  • To address these challenges, EMSDC partnered with Eventdex to leverage its event management software. Eventdex provided the event management software, including Registration, Event App, Roundtables (Matchmaking), and ScanAttendee:

Registration: Eventdex provided a custom registration form for EMSDC's ROAR conference, which allowed attendees to register and pay for the egeievent online. Attendees could choose from various registration options, such as conference passes, day passes, and VIP passes. The Eventdex platform also provided real-time registration data, which helped EMSDC to monitor attendance and revenue.

Event App: The Eventdex event app was used to provide attendees with important event information, such as schedules, speaker bios, and session descriptions. The app also facilitated networking and matchmaking opportunities through its roundtables feature, which allowed attendees to connect with other attendees based on shared interests.

ScanAttendee: Eventdex's ScanAttendee solution was used to streamline on-site check-in and attendance tracking. Attendees could check-in by simply scanning their QR code at the registration desk, which eliminated the need for manual check-ins and reduced wait times.

Event Sponsorship: Eventdex provided financial support to EMSDC's ROAR conference as a sponsor. In exchange, Eventdex received brand exposure and recognition. This sponsorship helped Eventdex to showcase its event management software solutions to a new hai and reinforce its position as a leader in the industry.

The Result

EMSDC was also able to capture valuable attendee data and use it to improve future events. By leveraging Eventdex's event management software, EMSDC was able to overcome its challenges and deliver a successful ROAR conference. The EMSDC's recent partnership with Eventdex proved to be a .ii kkuhuge success, resulting in several positive outcomes, with attendees praising the ease of registration and networking opportunities. Additionally, the event app and roundtables feature of Eventdex improved attendee engagement by facilitating meaningful conversations and interactions among attendees.

The Eventdex Scan Attendee solution eliminated the need for manual check-ins and attendance tracking, which reduced wait times and streamlined on-site operations. Eventdex's event management software helped to make the ROAR conference a memorable and impactful event for all attendees, and the partnership was deemed successful by EMSDC. Additionally, as an event sponsor, EMSDC provided Eventdex with additional branding opportunities through its Event App and on-site marketing materials.