Do you believe going to work like this?

  • Waking up
  • Dragging yourself to the office
  • Checking emails
  • Waiting for instructions
  • Delivering work and
  • Looking at the clock wondering when it’s time to leave

. . . DON’T join us.

Join us if . . .

  • You are a real Popeye from within no matter how fragile you look.
  • One who not only understands the importance of work (because eventually at the end of the day, your job pays off your bills) but also believes in taking the right initiative at the right time.
  • One who is daring enough to put ideas across the table.
  • One who is fearless enough to raise questions and one “champ” taking up challenges at any point of the day.

At Eventdex, we work like a team of warriors knowing we are a new kid on the block and believeing we can conquer the neighbourhood soon with our dedication, innovative strategies and plain and simple hard work.

Are you an early riser? No? Night Owl? Doesn’t matter, since you are all welcome and all respected and appraised, not as employees but as fabulous team members.


Check out our current openings and apply with a click.