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What is The Process of Event Management? Every Event Manager Should Adopt

Event management is the systematic procedure of creating and developing, organizing and holding of large-scale events such as trade shows and business meets. These events also include conferences and conventions. There are several high-level steps that you need to follow to ensure that an event is successful. The process of organizing an event is painstaking and meticulous.

You need to first establish a tangible goal and set objectives clearly before an event takes place. As an event organizer, you need to know why you would like the event to be held and what you hope to achieve when the show is over.

You also need to organize a team wherein you are clear about the participants and venue, along with sponsors and volunteers. Setting up a date for the event is must and you should be able to stay abreast with the statutory and religious holidays and check the dates with presenters and guests.

If you want the event to stand out of the ordinary, you need to set a compelling theme that helps make your event unique and worth attending. You can use Eventdex event management software to help your event raise the right eyebrows and bring in participation.


Brand your event in ways that are unparalleled. Brainstorm the name of the event and create a crisp tagline with a logo that best represents your brand. Ensure that a master plan is set and you are able to decide on the venue and logistics, contracts and insurance alongside permits. Remember to invite the speakers and presenters, activities and entertainment professionals who can make a difference to your event. Select an onsite event management software that is able to harness the registrations and the sign in for the event.

How do you keep track of the planning and budget, registration and guest list? Disseminate the guest list when you are on the mobile event app. Try and track all participant behavior for the event. You also need to call for sponsorships and potential investment on the event. Seek sponsorship from corporate entities for a dinner, a door prize or even an auction. You could also partner in with mid-size businesses and other community organizations.

Finally, you need to have a perfect publicity plan in place that starts with event promotion and event exposure such as a newsletter and emails. You should include both online and offline publicity tactics alongside ongoing outreach to encourage the online event registration. You also need to send out post-event thank you’s and sponsor acknowledgments. Articles on the event’s key messages and fundraising activities should be published in newspapers and other media.

Determining the budget of the event is crucial. After the event is complete, you should be able to measure the success of the show. Good event management software such as Eventdex is helpful in this endeavor. If you are tired of processing event registrations manually, you can completely automate the process and fill your events in a snap.

Not only does this software take care of the logistics, it also makes participants forge a business relationship that is successful. Try us to know better!

If you are looking for a event planning platform that would simplify your events and conferences by addressing all your event technology needs then Eventdex is an answer. It helps you engage the attendees right from the palm of your hand. Our modules cover the various elements such as Event Registration, Event App, Business MatchMaking, Speed Networking, Lead Retrieval App, Attendee Check in app and Badge Printing app all from the single event management platform. It saves you time, money and helps you deliver a successful event.

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