Badge Settings

ScanAttendee Web Portal URL :

Step 1: Login using your ScanAttendee credentials.

Step 2: Select the event you want to create a badge.

Step 3: Click on the Badge Editor to design the badge, as shown in the image below. The page will redirect to the Badge Creator page.

Step 4: Click on paper settings. You can select Template or Custom Badge paper and change the badge and its paper size at the left panel of the badge tool.

Step 5: To add attendee data, click “Data” and select the necessary fields you want to display on the Badge template.

For QR Code, Image, or Add Text, select the options from the left panel of the page.


  1. Click on Add Text to add customized text to the badge.
  2. You can change the Style, format, and color of the text.

  1. As per your requirement place the text anywhere on the badge template, by moving the text box and place it within the badge template.


Click on Image to add a new layer section.

Click on the image in the Badge template and choose an image from your desktop.

  1. Upload from computer: To add an image click Choose file
  2. Remove image: To remove the image from the badge template click on the Remove Image button
  3. Delete Layer: To delete the image layer click on the delete layer

QR Code

Click on QR Code to add a new layer section.

You can resize QR Code size by just dragging its edges.


Click on Objects to add a new layer section.

You have the option to change the Object to a Circle/Rectangle.

Step 6: Make sure to save the badge.


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