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How to design a Badge for the event?

Event Admin can create custom Badge design for the event in few minutes by using our Badge Tool. Please follow the below-given instructions.

Step 1. Eventdex Portal >> Login by entering your credentials >> Click on the Your Event

Step 2. Path: Click on Eventdex >> Event Settings >> Badge Settings.

Add a New Badge Design” screen with some existing badge templates and “Start from scratch” template will be visible. You can select any existing badge templates or create a new badge design as per your choice for the event.

Step 3. To create a bespoke badge, click on “Start from scratch” template. The page will navigate to the Badge Creator tool page.

Step 4. The screen will show a blank badge to be designed with the settings given on the right side “Format” panel.

Step 5. From the “Format” panel, click on desired Badge size parameter from the “Size” drop-down menu and click on “Change Paper Size” drop-down menu to select the Badge Printer paper roll size. (Make sure that the Badge size is equal to or lesser than Printer paper roll size).

Step 6. By using “Add a new layer” options, you can add attendees’ different information on the badge. Click on any option and that layer will appear on the badge, now you can change the size/color/font/alignment/position of the selected layer on the badge.

Attendee Data: All data related to attendee can be added. As many layers can be used to put different information on the badge by using “Data Layer Content” drop-down menu for each layer.

Text: Add text in the selected layer by entering the desired text in the “Content” box (Given in Format column)

Image: Add Attendee Image or Company logo.

QR Code: Add Barcode/ QR code. If you want you can select Custom QR / Barcode.

Shape: Add circular/rectangular shapes.

Step 7. Click on the required option from the “Select Module” for which you are creating badges.

Scan Attendee

Quick Registration

Attendee Registration

Step 8. Click on “Save as” tab and give the desired name to New Badge Style. Click “Ok” on the popup.

Step 9. Click on the “Save” tab.

The New Badge is created for the event.

How to create and print badges for Onsite Quick Registration service?

Create a custom badge by following the steps given in above-mentioned process with “Select Module” option selected for “Quick Registration” item and “Save” the entry.


Step 10. Go to Eventdex >> Registration >> Onsite Registration >> Staff Quick Registration with Payments.

Step 11. Select the new badge design from the “Select Badge” drop-down menu.

Step 12. Enter attendee details in the Search box or manually enter the details on the asked labels and select the preferred attendee ticket type from “Ticket Item” drop-down menu.

Step 13. Click on “Add and Print Badge” tab.

The badges are printed for attendees for their onsite registrations process.


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