How to send a Standard Campaign?

Send a Standard Campaign

Path: Login into Eventdex Account > Expand Registration tab under the event your hosting > Click on Emails > Campaigns tab.

Step 1: Click on Send button right next to the standard campaign that you choose to send.

Send standard Campaign

Step 2: Select Campaign type and click on Next button

  • By default campaign type is set as Announcements.
  • From Name field will directly fetch and display login user name.

Create campaign step 1

Step 3: Select Recipients from the list and click on Next button.

  • You can run campaigns to all recipients registered to an event or only to a certain group of recipients.

select recepients

Step 4: Enter your Mail chimp account email ID and Mail Chimp API key to send invitations or reminders.

Mailchimp From Email ID and API key

Step 5: Click on Get Mail Chimp list button to get Mail chimp List.

Get Mailchimp list

Step 6: From Mail Chimp List  field select the list to which you want to send Invitations or Reminders.Once you select the list, segments related to that list will display. Select anyone of the segment to which you want to run campaign and click on Next button.


Step 7:  Last step to send standard Campaign. Check campaign details and click on Send button.

Send standard Campaign last step

Check campaign Status:

  • Goto Campaigns tab.
  • Check the Campaign status right beside the Campaign you sent.

Campaign status


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