How to invite other attendees to your meeting and video call?

Inviting others to your meeting is easy now. Here are the steps:

  1. Join the video call like you normally would by clicking on the copy joining info which is below the Virtual Meeting button under the My Appointments tab.


  2. Once you join the meeting room, you can see Meeting details at the bottom left to share the meeting link to the non-registered attendees.  See the picture below. Copy the link and share it with your co-worker(s) who want to share your meeting.
  3. Once you share the meeting link, they need to enter their name and click on Join Now to join the meeting.
  4. You can also invite the attendees who already registered for the event by clicking on the Invite as shown in the picture below, once you click on the Invite, you will get a pop-up with registered attendees to the event. Select attendee(s) of your company and invite them to your meeting. They will get a call on the screen to answer and join the meeting.

    Note: Registered attendees should login to their Eventdex account to get a call.


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