How to Import the Attendee List?

The ‘Import Attendee List‘ process includes two parts : (i) Choosing the Proper File and (ii) Map the Fields.
Event Admin can import the Attendee list into the portal from your system by simply following the given instruction.

Step 1. Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login by entering your credentials >> Click on Your Event

Step 2. Click on “Eventdex” tab and then from its accordion menu, click on “Attendees” tab.

Step 3. Click on “Import Attendees” tab. “Import Attendee” sub-category screen will appear.

Step 4. Click on “Choose File” tab. Select the desired file from your system which you want to import into the portal. (The chosen file name will be displayed)

Step 5. Click on “Select Ticket” drop-down arrow and select the particular Ticket from it. Make sure that the “File Chosen” and the “Ticket” selected is correlated or should match the type of ticket name(e.g. For Attendee file, Attendees Ticket, for speakers data to be imported speaker ticket should be selected ).

Step 6. Click on “Next” tab. After this you have to Map the Fields for you chosen file.

Step 7. Now a screen with “Create/Edit Mapping“, with two columns: Csv Header and Map To, is displayed. The “Csv Header” column shows the Title of the File which you imported from your system into the portal. The “Map To” column is the new Tile that you can rename or keep it the same for the Imported File.

Note: If you want to load the attendees with a default password, please choose the options as shown in the below picture.

If you want to give a separate password to each user, you have to include in a CSV file and map to the Password field on the next screen.

Step 8. From the “Map To” column, select the desired Title/Heading from their drop-down menus for each corresponding Csv Header Titles.

Step 9. Click on the “Import” tab.A confirmation email is sent to the Event Admin. It will mention the successful import list and unsuccessful import list.

(The imported file can be viewed from the “Filter By” option by selecting the matched “Ticket Type” to the imported file).

How to Import a File which is not in a Standard Template form?

It is important to choose a file that is in the right format to get it imported into the portal. If you don’t have it, you can download the Standard Template, from here by following the given instruction:

Step 1. Click on Point no. 6 “Click here to download the template

Step 2. Manually add your required attendee data into this downloaded template and save it by giving an appropriate name to this new file.

Step 3. Now you can use this new file to import the attendee list.



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