How to build a Custom Email Template for a Campaign?

We have some standard Email Templates which you can easily use for your email marketing campaign. If you wish to edit these email templates according to your requirements, you can do it easily by following the below procedure.

Step 1. Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login >> Select your Event for which you want to run an email campaign.

Step 2. Click on Event Settings >> Email Templates >> Campaign Templates

Step 3. Click on any Template Name-Link given in “Template Name” column.

Step 4. Click on “Edit” tab.

Step 5. Make the desired changes in the email body content and click on “Save As” tab.

Step 6. Give the “Template Name” and click on “Save“.

Step 7. Close the Campaign screen

Step 8. Your newly edited/ created email templates for a campaign are shown on the screen with the data of “Created Date” and “Last Modified Date“. If you do not wish to run this custom template then you can anytime delete this template by clicking on “Delete” icon given in “Action” column.



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