Self Testing the Video Calls

To self test video calls prior to your first meeting, please login to the portal using your registered email address and password. Upon logging into the portal, go to My Appointments and select Test Call.

This will open up the Test Video Call popup:

Copy the link as shown below from the right hand corner of the video screen and use it to either login from another browser with your own ID or share with another registered user of the same event to test with.


  1. Some windows PCs may not allow microphone and camera working from 2 browsers in 1 PC, then you may not see the picture or hear.
  2. You may also hear an echo as you are connecting to two users from the same computer.
  3. This link will be valid only for 2 minutes.
  4. If you try to share the link after 2 minutes, then it will not work and simply take the user to the events list.


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