Network Connectivity Information for Network Admins

Twilio’s Programmable Video SDKs must communicate with Twilio’s cloud in order to function. This guide lists the IP address ranges and protocols used to communicate with Twilio’s cloud. If necessary, use this information to configure your firewall to enable communication with Twilio.

Note: This guide only covers communication from Twilio’s Programmable Video client libraries to Twilio’s cloud. Read this for information about securing requests from your server to the Twilio REST API.

Signaling Communication

JavaScript SDK 2.0+, iOS 3.0+, Android 5.0+

Region ID Location Host Name Port and Protocol
gll Global Low Latency (default) 443 WSS
au1 Australia 443 WSS
br1 Brazil 443 WSS
de1 Germany 443 WSS
ie1 Ireland 443 WSS
in1 India 443 WSS
jp1 Japan 443 WSS
sg1 Singapore 443 WSS
us1 US East Coast (Virginia) 443 WSS
us2 US West Coast (Oregon) 443 WSS


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