New to Eventdex ?

Sign Up to the Eventdex (Web Version)

Step 1: Enter in a web browser for the Eventdex website and click on the login button at the top-right menu bar or click on Sign Up Here  or copy and paste below link in a web browser

Enter all required fields

  • *First Name (Required)
  • *Last Name (Required)
  • *Email ID (Required)
  • *Password (Required)
  •  Company Name (Optional)



Step 2: Before hitting the Sign Up button make sure to read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and agree.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Step 4: Sign Up Success confirmation popup will be displayed. Click on ‘OK’.

Signup success alert msg

The user will successfully login to the Eventdex system.

Note: The user will receive a Signup Confirmation email to the registered email ID.

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