How to add Push Notifications in the Event App?

Step 1: Event Admin can create Push Notifications to notify about event updates to attendees by clicking on the given tabs in sequence. Eventdex >>Event App >> Notifications


Step 2:Notifications” screen appears.


Step 3: To add a new notification or message to the attendees click on the “Notification” button at top right of the section.

Step 4:Push Message ” screen appears like below.



1. Title: Enter the title of the notification and its details in the given section.

2. Event Contacts: Select the tickets to whom the notification has to send.

3. Send Notifications To: Enable Portal for sending notifications to Virtual Platform or Mobile for Mobile notifications, or select Both for Virtual Platform and Mobile.

4. Notification Type: Enable Alert for the notification to stay 30 seconds on the Virtual Platform screen or Banner is for the notification until user close the notification.

5. Activity Status: Enable¬† “Active” or “Inactive” mode for the given notification.

6. Schedule: Schedule the notification by enabling¬† “Now” or “Later” to send the notification. For “Later” enter scheduled Date & Time.

7. Click on “Send” to push the notification. Or click on “Cancel” tab to exit the screen.

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