How to create a Ticket Level Survey Question?

Create Ticket Level Survey Question

Path: Login into Eventdex account > Manage Event > Expand Tickets > Click on Survey Questions.

Step 1: Click on Add Survey Questions button at the top right of the page.
Add Survey QuestionStep 2: Select Question Level as Ticket Level.

Ticket Level Survey Question

Question Level: Select “Ticket Level” from the List.

Question Title: Enter a Survey Question that you want to take survey from Attendees and this Survey Question will display in registration page.

Answer Type: Eventdex Support 6 Answer types. Select any one of the answer type from the List.

1. Text
2. Paragraph text
3. Single Selection
4. Checkboxes
5. Choose from a List
6. Scale

Select Ticket: Select a ticket.

Note: You can link multiple tickets to a single Survey Question.

Visible: To display Survey Question on Registration page, check mark the Visible field.

Required: To mark survey Question as Mandatory in Registration page, check mark Required field.

Step 3: Click on ‘Save’ button to save new Survey Question.
             Click on ‘Cancel’ button to exit survey Questions screen without saving changes.


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