How to attend the Virtual Round Table Meetings?

Please follow the below instructions in advance!

Step 1:

Login to the Eventdex portal

If you do not have a password 

  • Enter the email address of the one which you receive the email in the “Email” field of the “Sign Up” form.
  • Use a password of at least 5 characters in the password field of the form that you can remember (Please do not duplicate the first 5 letters of the email address.)
  • Click the terms & conditions box and then click the Signup button.

If you already have an ID/Password

  • Enter the email id (username) and the password at the right to log in.

After you logged in

  • Click on the Go button to enter the event

Step 2:

  • Click on the Round Table tab

Step 3:

Click the Book Round Table button for the company with whom you would like to schedule the meeting, then select the available time slot and click on the Book button.

Upon successful booking, you will see a notification that says “Booked Successfully

You will also receive a confirmation email for each appointment you make.


Step 4: On The Day of The Event

Please go to the My Appointments tab 15 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting. At the exact time of your appointment, the Gray meeting link will turn blue.

There is also a Test Call link you can click on to make sure your audio and video is working well.

Step 5: On The Day of The Event

Click on the blue link and join the meeting.  The meeting will end at the exact time of the scheduled meeting end time and the video meeting popup will close.

You will continue to attend the rest of the meetings from the My Appointments tab.


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