Booth Features

Exhibitor Features:

  1. Upload your own custom calendar to schedule appointments at your booth
  2. Export leads that are collected at the booth. Every attendee that opts in for a video call is considered a lead
  3. You can switch your booth ON/OFF
  4.  Upload documents that you would like to display at your booth for attendees
  5. Build a custom business card for your booth
  6. Edit your background for your booth
  7. Chat with attendees visiting your booth and attendees can chat with the exhibitor staff
  8. Video chat with your booth visitors
  9. Exchange business cards with your booth visitors
  10. Look at the visitors of your booth along with their name, company, and image
  11. See the status of the attendees at your booth including who is at the booth, who is already answered, who is still waiting for a video call, and how long they have been waiting for.
  12. Add as many booth staff as you need to participate at your booth to meet and greet attendees
  13. Exhibitor chat – General booth chat for all attendees visiting your booth
  14. Allow attendees to add documents to briefcase to download later
  15. Customize your booth with your own logo
  16. Search attendees at your booth
  17. Play a video or live stream a session at your booth
  18. Build your own booth menu with a list of website links
  19. Beautify your booth with your own custom designs
  20. Invite other attendees or booth staff to participate in a group video call


Booth features and interact with attendees:


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