How to set-up the MM Page Settings?

Click on Matchleads >> MM Page Settings tab From here you can change the label names and placements of the labels for the matchmaking portal Here you need to check the checkbox of a ticket or check all tickets to save the changes.

How to set-up the match criteria?

Click on Matchleads >> Match Criteria tab >> Select Matching Criteria Preference Matching String Matching AI Matching 1. Preferences Step 1: Select the tickets to import the selected preferences. Step 2: Click on the import file to import the preferences. (The file should be in .cvs format). Step 3: Select […]

How to setup your Roundtable Event?

Click on Matchleads >> Setup >> Roundtable tab Event Details Profile Settings Calendar Setup 1. Event Details >> Here we will provide you an option to edit the Event Details that were given earlier. You will have an option to edit/update the following: Edit/update Roundtable Event Name, Start date, End date. […]

Manage Schedules

Manage Schedules How to block/unblock schedules? There are times when you may not be available for a segment of matchmaking, in that case, you can block your own schedule by: Click on Manage Schedule Click on the available green time slot Add a comment if needed, and Click on Block […]

What is All Attendees?

Here you can find all the attendee profiles. When you click on any attendee’s profile you will be able to see complete information of that attendee. Who are people with similar interests? These attendees are generated by the system that matches and shows profiles of attendees similar to what you […]

What are the Dashboard Stats?

Dashboard Stats will help attendees look at the overall statistics in a single place. Pending Appointments – If you have any appointments that are pending approval Confirmed Appointments – Total accepted appointments Cancelled Appointments – The number of cancelled appointments Missed Appointments – If you miss an appointment, then it […]

How to copy profile from past event as an admin?

As an Event admin, you can copy profile from past event that attendee attended for your events. Event admin has option to copy a single record or all records Here are the steps to copy the profile: Select past event that need to be copy from Select the ticket attendee […]

Bulk Approve for Pending Appointments

As an event admin to accept all pending appointments, please follow the steps:  1. Go to MatchLeads tab 2. Click on Total Appointments under Reports 3. Select the status as Pending from dropdown 4. Select the meeting(s) and click on the Approve Now all meetings status changed to Approve. Please […]

Booth Features

Exhibitor Features: Upload your own custom calendar to schedule appointments at your booth Export leads that are collected at the booth. Every attendee that opts in for a video call is considered a lead You can switch your booth ON/OFF  Upload documents that you would like to display at your […]

How do I sign up for a new MatchMaking account?

Sign Up to the Eventdex (Web Version) Step 1: Enter in a web browser and click on Sign Up For Free to create your Eventdex account and access your events. This is one time sign up and all your events registering through Eventdex will be under the same email address. Enter all required fields […]