Tickets Report

Tickets report will give a clear summary of Ticket Level Information and Attendee Level information of a Ticket .

Path: Eventdex Portal >> Login >> Select the Event >> Reports >> Tickets Report.

The Ticket Report  consists of two sub tabs:

Ticket Sales Summary Report 

Path:  In ‘Reports’  tab click on Ticket Sales Summary

Ticket Sales Summary Report gives a overview of

  • Ticket Level Information of each individual ticket with Total number of tickets sold through different payment types.
  • It includes Ticket Name, Ticket Type, different Payment Types, Quantity of tickets sold through each payment type and revenue generated along with Tax, Fee and Discounts applied for each payment type.

From Ticket Summary Report  tab you can do the following:

Button Functionality
Export To export  Ticket Summary Report  with a single click.
Search Search work

 Ticket Detail Report

Path:  In ‘Reports’  tab click on Ticket Detail Report

Ticket Detail Report gives a overview of

In Ticket detail report you can find each ticket  Attendee level information

You can find the following information of the attendees Ticket details

  • First Name and Last name of the Attendee
  • Title
  • Company Name
  • Ticket No.
  • Ticket Name
  • Order ID
  • Ticket Type
  • Ticket Status
  • Ticket Sale Date

From Ticket Detail Report  tab you can do the following:

Button Functionality
Export To export  Ticket Detail Report  with a single click.
From Date , To Date Search To search Tickets based on Ticket Sale date.
Filter By Ticket Name, Ticket Type, Status (Booked, Cancelled, Abandoned), Badge Status
Search Search work

Note: Ticket Status will be Booked/Cancelled/Abandoned.



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