Survey Question Report

Path:  Log in into your Eventdex account and click on ‘Reports’ under the event you are hosting and then click on Survey Question Report.


In Survey questions report tab you can fin 3 Sub Tabs.

  1. Survey By Questions
  2. Survey By Tickets
  3. Survey By Attendees

Survey By Questions

In Survey by Questions Tab all Survey Questions related to the hosting event will be displayed.

You can find the following information

Survey Questions, Answer Type for that Survey Questions,  Question Level (Event Level Or Ticket Level)  and Ticket Name.

Survey By Ticket

In Survey By Ticket report  Event Level and Ticket Level Survey Questions will be displayed.

Ticket wise associated Survey questions will be displayed.

Survey By Attendee

In Survey By Attendee Report, Survey Question answered by Each attendee for an event will be displayed with question and Answer .

Attendee Name , Email ID, Order ID, Survey Question and Answer will be displayed.

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