Orders Report

Orders report will give a clear statistics of Sales Report of an Event.

Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Reports >> Orders Report (See the picture below).


From the Orders report you can find the following Order details :

  • Total Number of Transactions made in an event
  • Total Attendees Registered with attendee details
  • Revenue generated through individual payment gateways
  • Payment Status
  • Order Status
  • Ordered By and Ordered Date

From Orders Report you can do the following:

Button Functionality
Print Print  Orders Report.
Export To export all Orders with a single click.
From Date , To Date Search To search Orders between dates use From  Date , To Date Search Option.
Filter Filter records based on Payment Status. (All, Successed, Cancelled)
Search Global Search within Orders report.

(You can search based on Order ID, Email ID, Payment Status, Ordered Date, Order Status, Company Name etc. )

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