How to add a Spend More Save More Promo Code?

Step 1: Click on Add Promo Code button at the top right of the Page.


Step 2: Click on Create Button of  Spend More Save More Promo Codes.


Step 3: Enter all required fields and enter the amount between the promo code should be applied.


Step 4: Spend More Save More Promo Code field description




  1. Promotion Name:Give promotion Name.
  2. Promo Code :Promo Code is used to avail discount on purchase of Tickets or Items.
  3. Max Coupon Uses :Total No. of coupons.
  4. Start Date :Start Date of promo Code.
  5. End Date :End Date of Promo Code. After end date promo code will expire.
  6. Uses per Customer : Maximum Number of Coupons uses per Customer(i.e Unique Email Id).
  7. Automatic Discount: The Promo will applies automatically if the check box is enables (with out entering the PromoCode).
  8. Status : Active and Enable for online registrations(Radio Buttons).

Inactive(The Promo will not apply in the Registration page if the status is in Inactive).

  1. If the Purchase Amount is More than $:In Registration page if the purchase amount is more than the given amount then the promo will applies.
  2. and less than or equals to $:In Registration page the promo will applies if it is less than or equals to given amount.

11.Select discount type ($ or %).

  1. Enter discount value.

Step 5: Click on ‘Save’ button to save new Basic Promo Code.

Click on ‘Cancel’ button to exit Promo Code screen without saving.

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