How to edit profile?

In the ‘Edit Profile‘ tab, you can edit/update the following features.

  1. Add a custom banner(1215 x 304) to beautify your profile.
  2. Add your Image ( JPEG, PNG 200X200)
  3. Add your company logo.
  4. Fields with gray color are read-only. Example: The Prefix (eg: Mr) field is read-only in the above screenshot. You will not be able to edit.
  5. The Fields with a red asterisk are mandatory fields. You will not be able to save if it is blank.
  6. You can update your social links.
  7. You can add an attachment (size: 200KB) (company brochures or capability statement)



How is the profile complete percentage calculated?

Profile complete percentage is calculated based on the formula: (# of completed fields / Total number of fields) * 100. Example:( ¾) * 100 = 75%



What are the dashboard Stats?

Dashboard Stats will help attendees look at the overall statistics in a single place.

  1. Pending Appointments – If you have any appointments that are pending approval
  2. Confirmed Appointments – Total accepted appointments
  3. Cancelled Appointments – The number of cancelled appointments
  4. Missed Appointments – If you miss an appointment, then it is either marked by either admin or the other party or you as missed
  5. Favorites – Total number of attendees you have marked as favorite
  6. Preferences – How many preferences your profile has




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