How to create a Registration Questions?

Create a Registration Question:

Login to your Eventdex event account and go to Registration Questions tab

Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Ticketing >> Registration Questions >> Add Registration Questions (See the picture below).

You will be directed to another screen where you can add details about the registration that can collect from the registrant.

Eventdex will provide 3 different types of question levels.

  1. Ticket Level – Each attendee has to answer the questions. The same question will repeat to the attendees upon the number of tickets selected.
  2. Package Level – All attendees have to answer the questions indicates in the package. The same question will repeat to all the attendees upon number of package ticket selection.
  3. Event Level – The question will ask only one time.

You can also create different levels of Answer Types based on the answers that the event admin wants.

  1. Text – Answer type is limited like one or two words
  2. Paragraph text – Answer type is should not be more than 250 characters
  3. Single-Selection – Only one answer has to select
  4. Checkboxes – Multiple answers can select
  5. Choose from a list – Only one answer has to select from the dropdown
  6. Scale – Rating type of answer. ex: scale 1 to 5

Please CLICK HERE to know more about Answer Types

Visible: To display Registration Question on the Registration page, checkmark the Visible field.

Select Tickets: Please select the tickets or package tickets based on the level of questions. If it is Event Level Question, tickets, you will not see the tickets in the Select Tickets area.

Required: To mark Registration Question as mandatory on the Registration page, checkmark the Required field at select tickets.

Once filled with the required information, please click on the Save button to save the details.



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