Eventdex Dashboard

Eventdex Dashboard

Business dashboards and reports will provide various gauges to know how the business engine is performing.

Total Event Statistics can be viewed on a single screen with numbers.

Path: Login into your Eventdex account and click on the Manage button on any of your hosting event, page will navigate to the Dashboards screen of that particular event.

Here is an overview of Eventdex business Dashboards.

You can have an overview of an Event

  1. Total Number of Orders in an Event
  2. Total Number of Attendees Registered
  3. Revenue Generated through an Event
  4. Total Number of Onsite Orders in an Event
  5. Total Number of Onsite Attendees Registered
  6. Onsite Revenue Generated through an Event

From dashboards you can also have a view of

  • Revenue generated from various payment categories
  • Revenue generated¬†from each ticket type
  • Sold Tickets vs Available Tickets
  • Expected Revenue vs Generated Revenue


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