Can I create a Custom System Template?

 Create a Custom System Template

Yes, You can create a Custom System Template.

Please follow below steps to create a custom system template.

Step 1: Go to system Templates tab

System Templates

Step 2: Click on Edit button right next to the Standard Order confirmation template.

System template edit

Step 3: Click on Edit button to edit standard template email body

Standard System template email boby edit

Step 4: Click on Save As button once done with edit

System Template saveas

Step 5: Give new custom template name and click on Save button.

Custom System template name

Step 6:  An alert will be displayed, read the alert and click on ‘OK’ button.

Alert click on OK

Step 7:  Now Close the email template edit popup. Go to System templates tab, Custom template that you created will be displayed under Template type custom.

Custom template under system templates tab

Step 8: Select the custom order confirmation template that you want to make active for an event and click on Active button.

Custom template as Active

Note: You can have multiple custom templates but only one template can be Active at a time.




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