Booth Set-Up Instructions

To initialize the process, Please make sure that you are logged into the eventdex portal using the same email address that you have used for registration.


Step 1: The eventdex portal can be accessed by visiting 

  • If you previously used the Eventdex platform, login with your same ID (email must be the same as the one which you registered for this event).
  • If new to the Eventdex platform, please click on the “Sign up” to create an ID and password.

Step2: Click on “Settings Wheel” as shown below to see your Dashboard.

Step 3: Booth Set-Up

  1. On the drop-down of “Lead Retrieval” select “Booth Information

Step 4: In the Booth Information, you will have the options to edit Booth Information


Please click on the Edit button (Pencil icon) to label the link
Ex: Website:

To know more details about Exhibitor booths Visit here


How to design your tradeshow booth in Eventdex?



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