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Know the interests of your attendees

    • Tracking Tracks
    • Having a tracking software at events, conferences, workshops and seminars is an integral part of event logistics. It is of great value to the event manager to understand the attendee’s interests and preferences, allowing modifications that result in more engaging and successful events in the future.
    • Eventdex provides different options for different needs – Are you running an event with multiple sessions?

Event website design customized to your needs

No more than 60 seconds per attendee to register

Assign a unique QR code to each attendee for check-in

    • Event Attendance Tracker
    • Our onsite event tracking software helps you critically examine the attendee’s experience during your event. You can check-in attendees either by scanning the QR code / Barcode on their badge or by searching their name.
    • You can track how many people are in a meeting room at any given point of time, in order to gauge interest and capacity. You can use the check-in and check-out options to track attendance and other relevant measures.
    • Event Tracking software :Key Features
    • You can reassess the event plan by the attendee’s insight report and make strategies to increase ROI and build more revenue generating opportunities for the event organizing company. The tracker software tracks in real time, all the activities taking place at the event:
      • Attendee’s session duration
      • Floor and booth attendance
      • Checks various access control points
      • Gauging Duration of visit
      • Tracking traffic pattern
      • Noting Attendee’s interests
    • Benefits of Tracking Software
    • Here are some of the benefits of our event tracking software:
      • Fast, accurate, affordable, and dependable
      • Measures and presents real-time analytics to give better results
      • Flexible to meet your overall event goals and objectives.
      • Segments the attendee list by different categories – helps in identifying the actually qualified visitors turned into leads from the event traffic.
    • Eventdex presents a robust and scalable mobile-based application for event managers to have an efficient, real-time, and error-free tracker for their events. Contact us for more information on event/seminar trackers.

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Everything you need to manage your event at the touch of a button.

No need for blowing up your event budget on different apps and tools for each process. Why not stick to a single app that delivers all that you need?

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Eventdex Event App

Have you ever wondered if you could get more out of an event? Questions like “Is there a trade show management app that I can use for my events”, or “can trade show management apps boost exhibitor and attendee experience” are bound to come up with growing use of mobile technology.

Eventdex event apps are much more than a sophisticated event planning tool to connect attendees. It is your one-stop shop for all event management needs. Our apps have something for everyone, including event organizers, producers, coordinators, exhibitors, booth administrators, staff, users, as well as event attendees.

With the Event app, you get a dynamic user experience that makes it easy to access vital event information such as event schedules and location maps as well as a list of exhibitors, speakers, and seminars. Attendees enjoy an interactive experience that allows them to view speaker bios, social media profiles as well as videos, documents, and other attachments.

Trade show management apps have become important in today’s tech-savvy planners’ world. With Eventdex, you can also create trade show management app to spark connections and increase engagement. Your trade show management app is a must to save money and time as well as keep your attendees and exhibitors coming back each year.


Online Event Registration

Organizers can set up categories for paid, free or donation tickets and can even sell packages of different ticket combinations.


Onsite Event Management

Onsite registration doesn’t have to be a headache anymore. Securely process credit card payments onsite and take new registrations via Kiosks or iPads. Organizers can print name badges and attendee lists as well as print ticket confirmations and invoices.


Agenda Management

Organize and manage your event’s seminars and breakout sessions. App allows you to create seminars and register attendees, add seminar descriptions, speaker information, and organize multi-seminar tracks.


Event Surveys

Pre-registration questions allow you to gather vital information from attendees to better understand your audience demographics.


Email Notifications

Keep attendees and exhibitors updated with our efficient email notifications. Create customized email templates to use in your campaigns. You can auto-schedule emails to send reminders, announcements or other key information. You can also create email campaigns for specific registrants and add QR codes to emails to simplify check-in.


Payment Settings & Processing

Processing online payments is seamless with our system. You can choose the payment gateway—PayPal, Stripe,, or TrustCommerce—and accept all major credit cards (American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard). There’s even an option for payment by check. You can also set the tax rate, refund policy and automate refunds.


Promote on Social Media

Create a buzz about your event through social media. Our app integrates with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook so you can create posts and display a newsfeed from your event’s hashtag.


Promotional Codes

Attract more people to your event by offering discount codes. You can easily create promotional codes for special pricing with expiration dates and capacity limits.


Embed Registration Page Link Anywhere

Make it easy for people to buy tickets on any of your media platforms. You can embed your registration page on your website, blog, or social media pages.


QR Code on Each Ticket and Order

Save time at check-in with QR code scanning. Each ticket comes with a QR code so you can scan attendee details quickly and easily via mobile devices.Eventdex event apps, including Trade show management apps, can help you Increase sales team performance, Boost revenue, Enhance exhibitor and attendee experience

Manage orders and attendees, print badges, get extensive analytics & reports and so much more…

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