What does the Matchleads Dashboard shows?

The Dashboard section of the Matchleads shows the numerical data related to matchmakers – Buyers & Sellers. It includes,

Total Buyers – The total number of Buyer who purchased Tickets as Buyers (Corporates)

Signed Up Buyer – The number of Buyers who have Signed Up till now

Total Seller – The total number of Sellers who purchased Tickets as Sellers

Signed Up Seller – The number of Sellers who have Signed Up till now

Approval Waiting – Pending Appointments

Total Meetings – The total number of meetings scheduled for a matchmaking event.


To view Matchleads Dashboard,

Step 1. Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login by entering your credentials >> Click on the Your Event

Step 2. Click on “Matchleads” tab and then click on the “Dashboard” tab from its accordion menu.

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