How to view all your appointments?

Step 1: Click on Appointments tab shows the all the appointments of the buyer in grid format with two states that is Accepted, Cancelled > Click on All > Here you can view the appointments with all the states (Accepted, Cancelled).a_g_v

Step 2: Click on Accepted under filter > Now you can view the appointments that are accepted by the seller >  you have two options for accepted appointments.

Step 3: Click on “List view” icon > Now you can view all the appointments that are cancelled and accepted of the Buyer in list format > In this view you can see the profile of the seller by clicking on the name of the seller > you also have an option to Reschedule, Cancel the appointments by clicking on Reschedule and Cancel buttons.a_l_v

Step 4: Click on Calendar view icon > Here you can view the user appointments in calendar format.a_c_v

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