How to schedule an Appointment?

Step 1: Click on Appointments > Here we are Showing “Setup Buyer Filters” and “Setup Seller Filters” in grid format.a_g_v

Step 2: In Appointments > Here we provide four options for each slot.





Step 3: Select > you can Schedule an Appointment by clicking on select of particular time slot of Buyer and Seller > Click on “Add An Appointment”.add_app

Step 4: Block > you can Block/make a particular time slot unavailable by clicking on “Block”.

Step 5: Unblock > you can Unblock/make a particular time slot available by clicking on “Unblock”.

Step 6: Reschedule > you can reschedule the already scheduled appointments.

Step 7: For each Seller and Buyer >  we are providing three options “Profile”, “View Schedule” and “Edit Profile”.app_profileapp_vsapp_profile_edit

Step 8: Click on Plus icon (for Seller and Buyer) > Here we are providing an option to search based on the added filters.

Step 9: you can also see the list view by clicking on list view icon.a_l_v

Step 9: you can see the added appointments in the cart by clicking on cart icon.cart-1

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