How to schedule an appointment?

Step 1: Click on New Appointments tab > Here you can view the list of sellers along with their available timeslots.

Step 2: Here you can schedule an appointment with any of the sellers by clicking on “select” button of available time slot of seller > Click on “Add Appointment”, appointment will be added.add_app

Step 3: Here you also have an option to favorite the sellers by clicking on the favorite icon of the sellers > filtering can also be done based on this favorite icon.ff1

Step 4: You can view the complete profile of the seller by clicking on the profile icon of the seller.img12-org

Step 5: You can also search the sellers by entering the seller details in the buyer search bar and clicking on go.

Note: The different color indications are provided for Busy Buyer and Busy Seller.

Step 6: We are providing options to select Event Date and Slot Time.

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