How Exhibitor can put a Disclaimer in the App?

Event Admin (exhibitors) can put Disclaimers in the App (Ticket purchased for) for their product/service easily, just follow the given steps:

Step 1. Eventdex >> Login >> Select the Event >> Event App >> App Settings >> Disclaimers

Step 2. Click on “Create Disclaimer” and the screen appears.

Step 3. Enter all required details in:

Disclaimer Name: Name of the Disclaimer

Disclaimer Title: Title of the Disclaimer

Disclaimer Text: Text giving details about the

Disclaimer Tickets: Select the ticket name (user name) from the accordion

Step 4. Click on “Save” to confirm the entry and click on “Cancel” to exit the page.

Step 5. To Edit the Disclaimer, just click on the “Edit” icon given in the “Action” column, make the desired changes and save it.

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