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Tracking Tracks-Sessions-Workshops-Seminars

Know the interests of your attendees

    • Tracking Tracks

    • Having a tracking software at events, conferences, workshops and seminars is an integral part of event logistics. It is of great value to the event manager to understand the attendee’s interests and preferences, allowing modifications that result in more engaging and successful events in the future.
    • Eventdex provides different options for different needs – Are you running an event with multiple sessions?

Event website design customized to your needs

No more than 60 seconds per attendee to register

Assign a unique QR code to each attendee for check-in

    • Event Attendance Tracker

    • Our onsite event tracking software helps you critically examine the attendee’s experience during your event. You can check-in attendees either by scanning the QR code / Barcode on their badge or by searching their name.
    • You can track how many people are in a meeting room at any given point of time, in order to gauge interest and capacity. You can use the check-in and check-out options to track attendance and other relevant measures.
    • Event Tracking software :Key Features
    • You can reassess the event plan by the attendee’s insight report and make strategies to increase ROI and build more revenue generating opportunities for the event organizing company. The tracker software tracks in real time, all the activities taking place at the event:
      • Attendee’s session duration
      • Floor and booth attendance
      • Checks various access control points
      • Gauging Duration of visit
      • Tracking traffic pattern
      • Noting Attendee’s interests

    • Benefits of Tracking Software
    • Here are some of the benefits of our event tracking software:
      • Fast, accurate, affordable, and dependable
      • Measures and presents real-time analytics to give better results
      • Flexible to meet your overall event goals and objectives.
      • Segments the attendee list by different categories – helps in identifying the actually qualified visitors turned into leads from the event traffic.
    • Eventdex presents a robust and scalable mobile-based application for event managers to have an efficient, real-time, and error-free tracker for their events. Contact us for more information on event/seminar trackers.

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