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Onsite Event Registration Software

Onsite Event Registration Software


  • Onsite Event Registration Software

  • Most small and medium event producers shy away from onsite event registration and badge printing for the simple reason that the existing options are too complex and expensive. The Tradeshow producer must select an event management software considering many aspects of the onsite event registration software.
    • Customizable Registration form for onsite
      • Badge design tool
      • QR Code / Barcode reader
      • Check-ins
      • Mobile Registration / Desktop Registration
      • Single badge printers
      • What is involved in Onsite Event Registration Software ?
      • For most Conference Producers, the customer’s journey starts with onsite event registration software.Onsite event registration software should be quick and easy.
      • Designing the form for onsite event  registration software.The onsite event registration software form should be a simpler version of the regular registration form. On the on-site page, you do not have much time and attendees will not have patience to fill a longer form and stand in long lines. The data collection form should contain just sufficient information for the trade show producer to generate a badge.Selecting the type of registration
      • The onsite event registration software can be either self service or managed by staff members sitting behind the table. Often times there will be a combination of both these choices are given to attendees.Self Service still needs monitoring. If the tickets are paid, the trade show producer should make sure that only a single badge is printed and duplicate badges should not be allowed to print. The trade show producer should make sure that the right person picks up the correct badge that belongs only to that individual.
  • The self service option is a better choice for attendees that are pre-registered for the event.
  • This option can even be a kiosk running onsite event registration software. Self Services stations can also be equipped with QR Code / Barcode scanners that can scan the order form quickly and register an attendee.Staff assisted onsite event registration software.Even on this day and age there are still a lot of attendees that are challenged with technology, which is completely okay.
  • Because of that, these are the attendees that need hand holding by staff to collect their information, take payment and onsite event registration software using onsite event registration software.Magic formula for calculating the number of stations required for onsite event registration software.This does not just depend on the total number of attendees.
  • This mainly depends on the answers to the following questions:
    • Are you printing all the badges onsite?
    • How many are pre-registered and how many are walkins?


  • The badge design should start well ahead of the event.

  • The factors to consider for the badge printing are:
  • Size of the badge
  • Paper / Plastic badges
  • Color / Black and White
  • QR Codes / Barcodes / RFID / BLE tags
  • Lanyards, Badge Holders, Clips, Ribbons
  • Overall Cost per badge
  • Badge Design
  • Overall Cost per badge
  • Remember the 10 ft. rule.
  • For networking, the most powerful piece of information attendees must know about each other is their first names. Make sure the first name is readable from up to 10 feet away by selecting a clear, large type size. 26-40 pt should do it.

    • Designing the Perfect Name Badge Paper Insert in Six Easy Steps.

    • Source: pc/nametag
    • Badge Printing
    • The badge printer should be a single badge printer for onsite badge printing. If you are printing only black and white badges, there are many cheaper options available. If you need your badges to look more professional, consider pre-printing your color logo on the badges. You can then use a black and white printer to print the name and other information. There are many selections available for single badge printers including Zebra, Brother, and Epson.
    • If the event has paid tickets, event producer should consider if they should use the same payment gateway they have used for regular registration. Does the onsite event registration software support the gateway of choice? Are there reports that will clearly show the revenue generated from onsite event registration software and the number and type of payments received.The most popular payment gateways for collecting money onsite are:
    • Attendee Check-in is another huge subject by itself. The main consideration for onsite event registration software is to determine if we should scan badges to track how many attendees checked in to the event. This can also be enhanced by scanning checkouts so that you will know how long attendees spent at the event and what is the average number of attendees at any given time of the event.
    • Even though your onsite event registration software strategy is determined by many factors including the above, it all comes down to selecting the right event management software for your event, and how affordable and flexible it is to accommodate your event needs. A big trend for small and medium conference and trade show producers these days is to go completely with mobile apps for the onsite event registration software using mobile devices and mobile/bluetooth/wifi printers.

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