Increase Event Engagements with Business Matchmaking

improve attendee and exhibitor ROI with the Eventdex App

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We’ll connect your trade show exhibitors to the right attendees

Nothing frustrates exhibitors more than leaving an event thinking they didn’t get a chance to connect with their desired prospects. Our business matchmaking software ensures they leave your event satisfied!

Our AI software matches up exhibitors with prospects

They can also manually schedule one-on-one meetings

Have them spend less time finding and more time engaging leads

Improve Engagements at your event via business matchmaking

A successful conference eventually boils down to one thing – were your attendees engaging with your exhibitors enough? We ensure this in a seamless way through the matchmaking app.

More engagements implies happy exhibitors

App users can score buyer/seller profiles

Improve exhibitor ROIs and keep them coming back next year

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business matchmaking software

Export Your Matchmaking Data and get detailed reports

With a single click, exhibitors can have their business matchmaking data exported to their CRM so that they can study which profiles work best for their product.

Exhibitors can track which attendees make the best prospects

Intricate matchmaking reports available via our app

Follow up with attendees you met and are likely prospects

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Everything you need to manage your event at the touch of a button.

No need for blowing up your event budget on different apps and tools for each process. Why not stick to a single Event management app that delivers all that you need?

Set up and plan your event with ease

Increase engagement during event

Measure and Boost ROI