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Ensure that you check in attendees smoothly with our onsite event registration solution. Our user-friendly and simple event registration platform provides you with a smooth and automated event registration system. A cloud-based event registration platform to create events in minutes, assemble data, speed up the payment process resulting in high ROI.

With an onsite event registration solution, you can

  • Save time, simplify the event process, boost event attendance and lower the payback period of your investment.
  • With the easy to configure onsite registration platform, you will be equipped with the tools that allow efficient submission and registration and invitation creation.
  • The platform also offers social media integration, integration, Avery-compatible standard and more.
  • Create and print onsite as well as pre-registered badges with industrial printers.
  • Easily access to schedule, event maps and session data.

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Eventdex onsite event registration solution helps you do the following activities

Online Ticketing

You can now create paid, free and donation tickets. Include promo codes, ticket packages and survey questions for automating the entire registration procedure.

Data Collection

You can add speakers directly or manually to the event. Our registration platform assists attendees to learn about speakers and exhibitors. They can also know about event maps and get insight into event session.

With crucial attendee data, you can have powerful metrics to create important reports and manage every aspect of your event. You can enter the data or export it into

Multiple Payment Gateway Support

With our convenient Paypal, Stripe & integration process, you can rest assured of a safe and smooth payment procedure. Our multiple payment gateway support can accelerate your profits as you can receive payments directly to your account. Our onsite event registration solution also allows Exhibitors can sign up and pay online with the secure payment options of Trust Commerce Integration.

Customized Event Registration System

If you want to organize a conference or a seminar, you can opt for our registration system for seminars. Our custom registration form will allow exhibitors to submit documents and images during registering. The layout and content of the registration form depends on the inputs you provide. You can leverage our workflow and design to accurately register activities and access them whenever needed.

We streamline the registration process according to the ticket type registrants have selected or the queries they have answered in the initial stage.


You can create different registration paths for different kinds of attendees like sponsors, VIP’s, staffs, clients and more. This permits everyone to answer the relevant registration questions. Moreover, the registration process experience gets customized for everyone

Our badge creation facility is allows you to create both pre-registered and onsite badges. Learn how Eventdex onsite event registration solution can help you increase attendance at your next event.