Supplier Diversity Program

Supplier Diversity strategies as we know, add great economic value in the society because it encourages the growth of diverse businesses. Roughly there are more than 16 categories of Diverse businesses which include Small business Enterprise, Minority owned business Enterprise, Veteran owned, Women owned small businesses and so on, all of which promotes innovation through introduction of various new services and solutions, eventually increasing employment rate in a nation.

We, at Eventdex (under the parent company Global Nest LLC) understand the significance of the diversity and have been an NMSDC certified diversity business that is actively involved in several chapters. We happen to be one of the very few Event Management Solutions companies with a complete understanding of the diversity segment that are catering to the Diversity Organization events in the USA.

What makes Eventdex well suited for diversity events?

  • Knowledge and experience of being a certified diversity company
  • Constant interaction and feedback from leaders of various diversity organizations
  • Knowing what demographics and analytics are important for diversity events
  • Understanding the goals and needs of Corporations and Diversity members attending events
  • Having the best app in the market not only in terms of being ‘the most affordable’ but also being technologically impeccable

Why choose us?

For years, Eventdex has been conducting events for GNEMSDC, EMSDC, WRMSDC, and WBENC.

As a unique ‘event software solution’ providers to our diverse business community, we have excelled at meeting expectations with our one on one match making software specifically for buyer-seller meet during events. This solution is not only used at the diversity organization meetings but also at corporate diversity meetings such as CVSHealth Diversity Summit, and Comcast Impact 2015

Eventdex has worked closely with diversity leaders from the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. Our special Cloud based application is designed to address Event Registration, Ticketing, Business Matchmaking and much more thereby helping our clients achieve their operational and promotional objectives.