A unique lead retrieval app and QR code generator app from Eventdex. Applicable for tradeshows, conferences and other events, lead retrieval app is the perfect solution for vendors who want to get access to lead contact information with minimum hassle. Our cloud-based platform helps exhibitors to retrieve contact data of the people with whom they have discussed business prospects. With us as lead retrieval app partner, you can optimize your events and get flawless leads.

Eventdex lead retrieval app helps you avoid tedious paper work and the complications that come with finding contact details and remembering conversations. We offer a highly functional and powerful qualified lead generation and follow-up platform.

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The lead retrieval app, which is available for all types of mobile devices is compatible with 3 types of 1D codes (also called Barcodes) and 7 types of 2D codes. Boothleads supports Code 128, Code 39 & Code 93 Barcodes. The 2D codes supported by the app include QR Codes, Data Matrix, Aztec, Codablock-F, Maxicode, DotCode, Han Xin.

Why lead retrieval apps are important than collecting business cards?

Lead retrieval app comes with an extensive range of features like, event schedules, lead rating, exhibitor directory, social media integration, email capabilities, note taking, reminder and address book. Additionally, the platform also allows exhibitors to check the success rate of their events with smooth precision.


Contacting Leads

With our lead retrieval app, we make sure that you can follow up with leads by referring to the in-built note taking system and sending e-mails, while at the same time obtaining real time lead retrieval report.

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Seamless Integration

Boothleads integrates with social networking sites as well as Salesforce.com, one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. It also integrates with Sam.gov. and CSV and social media profiles.

Real-time Reporting

Our reporting features function from the time you launch an event and offers you access to analytics at every step. You can easily take a look at trends and verify your performance within minutes.

Badge Printing with Lead Scanning App

With our lead scanning app, exhibitors can read badges with QR code and print barcodes. To assist in this process, you could use LED and thermal transfer barcode printers like Zebra Printers or Brother Printers. You may also simply feed badge ID numbers. It facilitates fast scanning and offers booth guest information. You can use Socket Mobile Scanner for events to read QR code for registration and thus, retrieve attendee information generated via the registration system.

We enable on-demand badge-printing at events. You can print everything, from functional attributes like photographs and barcodes, to even session details and personal itineraries. With Eventdex, you have the flexibility to create custom badges for your events.

Choose the right lead retrieval app for you event marketing program; choose Eventdex.

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