Will The Events Industry Be Trumped By The US Election?

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With the world still getting to terms with the recent change in the US administration and Brexit, anxiety amongst event organizers has been at an all-time high. Have a look at how the recent policies introduced by the Trump administration will affect the events industry:

Travel bans

Recently the Trump administration announced a ban on people from Yemen, Sudan, Somalia,Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya from entering the United States. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, the travel ban could cost up to US$71 billion per year and result in up to 132,000 job losses. With uncertainty over the travel restrictions, the world has already seen chaos and protests across the US and at major airports. But what does travel ban mean for event planners? Travel ban can prove detrimental for events as the ban will restrict the movement of foreign speakers and attendees. Event planners travelling to these sanctioned countries might also be barred from entering the country upon their return.

Terrorist threats

Terrorism was the core of Trump’s campaign and rightly so. He imposed a travel ban, claiming that the move protects Americans from the threat of terrorism. In contrast, the travel ban has translated into rising number of hate crimes and fueled “Islamophobia” in the country. Moreover, the risk of terrorist activities cannot be mitigated with such move since none of the perpetrators of major attacks in the US are from these countries. In fact, most of the masterminds of successful terrorist attacks are from the US itself. In such a scenario, concerns about a possible terrorist attack or shootings at crowded events cannot be ruled out.

Labor shortages

The biggest impact of the travel ban will be seen in the hospitality industry. With the promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, the Trump administration could potentially cost the economy as much as US$5trillion in GDP in the next ten years. The National Bureau of Economic Research predicts an 8 percent downturn in the hospitality industry in the long term. There will be a decreased availability of workers for positions typically filled by immigrants, and labor shortages at hotels and restaurants will result in higher costs.

Additionally, hosting meetings outside the US can become quite unnerving due to the changing trade and foreign policies along with currency valuations.

What should event planners do?

For now, planners must wait and watch to see what the administration will do next. However, here are some useful tips to reduce anxiety and uncertainty around you:

 Keep up-to- date information: Read the latest news about executive orders that the Trump administration passes.

 Educate your staff: Ensure your staff is informed about all aspects and impacts of travel ban and other policies.

 Raise your concerns: Reach out to your local and federal government and raise your concerns about the travel ban and any other policies that you think may hamper your event planning business.

 Reach out to clients and foreign venues: Contact your foreign venues and counterparts to see how the news has impacted them and what actions are being taken by their countries.

Let me know how the travel ban has affected your event planning business in the comments sections below. Feel free to share tips on how to tackle the announcement of a new bans or policies.

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