Why We’d Love To See Drones Change The Face Of The Event Industry (& You Should Do Too!)


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in short and sweet known as Drones are changing the face of the Earth and they are doing it fast.

We have already seen the most obvious usage for military puropose, defence against other UAVs, providing battlefield intelligence, carrying out Cargo and logistic operations, patroling national borders and even supplying ‘quick-meds’ to troops and the list goes on. However couple of years back, mankind started seeing drones in a different way. In 2014, the FAA received a petition from Motion Picture who wanted to use drones in video and film making. Even Amazon brought up the idea of speedy delivery in a day using Drone technology.

To explain the degree of creativity induced in technology, let us take the recent example of Parrot who introduced a fleet of mini drones for aerial display. You can imagine the heights of excitement amongst the event attendees. In fact, some of these drones even have night visions and can fly in the dark as well. Some can float above water, just in case you are having this lavish cruise party! This brings us to the discussion on the usage of drones at events/conferences and tradeshows. Imagine tradeshows or events that are spread across a huge area. Now imagine some of these mini drones hovering above giving you the perfect, picturesque shots of the venue that will blow your mind, especially events involving sports/activities. Who wouldn’t wish to be part of such a moment?


Recall Winter Olympics in Sochi where drones were used for capturing shots from snowboarding events? Even some of the big, fat, Indian weddings nowadays are spotted with drones delighting guests. You can send out a drone before the event to simply survey the event space for you. Doesn’t that help?

Imagine the same crafts now giving you live video streams directly from the event. That means, your stream is seen not only by the attendees but can be viewed and shared across the globe.

Come to think of it, the use can be endless. The internet is flooded with articles that cite having drones pass light weight objects amongst exhibitors who might require something urgently but are positioned at one end of the venue. Having drones means reducing the time loss. And did you know these unmanned objects also have the ability to inspect issues with any utility at the event site itself?

Talk of surveiilance, talk of security- you have couple of drones to do the job for you. One single shot of an unidentified audience, or suspicious activity and you know exactly what to do.

Imagine passing on microphones to speakers and audiences from one end of the hall to another. Give it to the drones. ‘Brizi‘ drones on the other hand, were able to collect pictures of mass gatherings and share it on social media, spreading the buzz so sophistically.

Imagine the simple impact of showering visitors with flowers at personal events such as wedding. ANybody recall “cupidrones” by the Italian company Funnyhowflowersdothat on Valentine’s Day?

If you are quizzing your audience at your next show, what is a better way to distribute prizes than using these friendly UAVs? And of course, we have always always thought about delivering beverages or package foods directly to the attendees with drones. In fact, look at one such article which mentions that “Whatever, USA, attendees could order a Bud Light and have a cold one delivered directly to them via drone”

To sum it up, we love these friendly, unarmed quadcopters. They are and will be the future of technology at any/all kind of Events. Of course there is the question of meticulous lawful scrutinies and FAA approvals, but come on, if you really had the resource wouldn’t you wish to utilize the potential of these drones in the most positive way?

Share your imagination with us!

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