Why Event Planners Needs an Event App?

Smartphone users have increased
exponentially over the last few years, and this fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by
the meetings and events industry. Event organizers around the world have
gradually realized the importance of mobile apps in boosting engagement and
enhancing event experience.

Mobile event apps are convenient for both
planners and attendees. They keep participants engaged, increases networking
opportunities, reduce printing costs and provide insightful data to improve
events. For this reason, this technology has become an event essential, with
attendees now expecting it at events. The myriad benefits of event apps have
turned this wishlist item into an imperative that cannot wait!

Let us look at the top 10 reasons why
mobile event apps have become a necessity for your next event!

Apps are where your attendees are

This is very true in the case of
millennials at least, if not for the public at large! Everyone uses, and are
heavily dependent on, mobile apps. Think about it this way: how many apps do
you have on your phone as you read this blog? A staggering 87% time spent on
mobile is spent on apps, or at least 3 hours daily on mobile apps.

In the era of connectivity, apps are the
best way of facilitating it. It is that simple! Don’t lose the game by not
investing in an app, which builds your event community and keeps everyone

Stay relevant

Gone are the days when the event app was wishful thinking! Today planners in small, medium or large organizations are using mobile event apps to keep attendees updated with important event information. With features such as push notifications, event planners are sending relevant content to attendees.

Save money

Working on shrinking budgets isn’t easy.
And investing in mobile apps may just as well sound ironical to increase ROI.
But this is just a myth that needs to be debunked. Mobile event apps help save
printing costs and even the environment. By going green, you not only circulate
all event related information digitally but create sustainable events, which is
in vogue these days!

#4. Increase
sponsorship revenue.

Another way of saving money and boosting
ROI is through sponsorship revenue. Mobile event app gives you novel ways to
promote your event patrons and increase sponsorship revenue. Feature their
logos on your customized event app to promote their brand among your attendees.
It could be something as simple as a sponsored content in the activity stream,
banner ads or maybe selfie contests.

Build updates schedules

Time is money, as the adage goes. And as a
planner, who would know this better than you? The same can also be said for
your registrants, who take out time from their busy schedule to attend your
events. Respect your attendees’ time by providing specifics of your event schedule.
After all, no one likes vague information and won’t consider it good enough
reason to come to your event. In contrast, providing detailed schedules through
event apps is the best way to have the most up-to-date agenda with instant
publishing. It also allows attendees to personalize their schedules and create
customized experiences at your event.

Get real-time insights

Whatever you can measure, you can improve.
With mobile apps, you can further optimize your event experiences during and
after your event. The mobile event app gives you detailed real-time insights
into your event’s performance such as the most attended session, the level of
engagement, etc. With this quantified data from attendee interactions, you can
tweak your event and boost experience as well as the satisfaction rate of your
event. And oh did we tell you, all these insights can sync into leading CRM or
marketing automation tools? It saves you from manually transferring data, which
eventually leads to less human errors and gives more time to focus on important
aspect of your event.

Facilitates networking

Networking is one of the main reasons why attendees come to events. If you are not offering a networking platform to your attendees then attendees won’t get any value from your event. Therefore, use an app such as Eventdex that offers easy networking opportunities. With features like activity stream and attendee profile, you will empower your attendees to easily network and build new connections.

Keep attendees informed.

Push notifications are 1 of the top 5 app
features that attendees want. It allows planners to keep attendees informed
about last-minute changes. With the feature to make updates on the go, it is a
win-win situation for both you and your attendees. In addition to that, a
mobile event app gives attendees a unique opportunity to create personalized
experiences and provides a refreshing break from the mundane, plain Jane event

Reduce stress and save time

Event planning is a lot more than visiting
swanky venues and having a good time. Anything else, it is one of the top 10
most stressful jobs in the world. To help you reduce stress and save a ton of
your time, use mobile event apps. These apps make the event planning and
management process dramatically easier. With logistical nightmares such as
printing and badging and manual work behind you, you will be in total control
of the situation.

Alleviate Engagement at events

Mobile event apps give you the perfect
opportunity to boost engagement at events. With features such as gamification
and social media integration, you can engage your audience before, during and
after the event. Encourage people to share your event content, run contests, do
live Q&A, and collect feedback, all from one single platform. 

We hope that our extensive list of event app’s benefits must have sparked a thought of embracing this technology if not convinced to have it at your next event. Contact us today to know more about our mobile event app!

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