Business Matchmaking App – An Overview

Business Matchmaking app

Business Matchmaking App

One of the key metrics used to measure the success of an event is to discover the number of possible opportunities. One major part of the event that people look out for is the one-one meetings during an event also known as a business matchmaking process. A good business matchmaking app should allow potential buyers and sellers to schedule meetings. For example, through this app, prime contractors can connect with small businesses easily with one click or touch on the mobile screen. The net outcome: to generate more meaningful leads. Let us understand this application in steps.

Step 1: Register and create your profile.
Step 2: Search corporates who interest you. Filter by Industry or search by company name.
Step 3: Go through corporate profiles to check their contact details, business category and of course product and service related information.
Step 4: Understand their needs and study the requirement.
Step 5: Through the unique application check their availability and prefix appointments.

The business matchmaking app should not just allow you to schedule meetings but also show you a detailed view of the appointment status. How many confirmed, how many rejected, how many pending etc. In addition it should give you a quick snapshot of all the events in your calendar, the time, location, description and of course the statistics on the appointments scheduled/missed under respective events.

To get a better insight of this technology contact Eventdex team or request for a quick demo. Don’t forget to send us your questions and comments!

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