Virtual Reality: The Next Real Deal At Events?

Virtual reality in gradually taking off at events. But is it time for you to jump in just yet? With the growing popularity of games like Pokemon Go, there is no denying that augment reality is here to stay. Augment reality has created immense opportunities for virtual reality to get ingrained in our daily lives. With tech giants like Google working on virtual reality headsets like Google Glass or Oculus Rift, virtual reality is proving to be the next big thing in the tech landscape. And with evolving tech landscape, virtual reality will soon become the next big deal in the meetings and events industry. Stay ahead of the pack and learn everything you need to know about this emerging technology and how it can help you create exceptional events in the near future.


Virtual reality can be defined as computer technologies that utilizes software to create realistic images, sounds and other sensations. It is slightly different from augmented reality, which creates an augmented world by combining both computer generated elements and reality. Virtual reality and augmented reality is changing the way we plan events. Virtual reality will allow event organizers to provide a unique and fulfilling experiences to their audience. It will give an experience that is otherwise unreachable and will create engaging, innovative, multi-sensory activations for the target audience. It has the potential to provide new opportunities for event planners to create experiencesthat can capture the heart and the mind of their audiences.

But how can you use this technology at your event? Here are few simple ways to incorporate virtualand augmented reality at your events.

Virtual Venues

As a planner of an event, you may be used to investing a large portion of your budget on an event venue, speakers, lodging, food and beverages, and other miscellaneous logistics. However, if you could hold a conference or a trade show through virtual reality, many of those costs would be eliminated. Creating a computerized event can be expensive now, but once augment reality matures it will be become less costly and save tons of money used to book events.

Demonstrate products at events

Virtual reality can be implemented during product demonstrations at tradeshows and product launches. A virtual reality headset can be used at your booth to give a demonstration of your products to visitors. This will be ideal in cases where the products are bulky or are hard to transport them to the show.

Virtual gamification to test your imagination

The most popular game at events like scavenger hunt can be taken to an all new level with virtual reality software. The software along with image recognition technology can turn a simple booth into a vast expanse where visitors can interact with objects to discover clues. Simply consult a virtual reality savvy developer to create a custom event experience.

Virtual attendees to boost attendance

There are times when a registrant cannot make it your event due to distance or travel involved. To overcome the issues of travel and booking hotel, virtual reality can allow attendees to attend your event without being physically present. While many believe that in-person interactions and meetings are very important to build a connection, this technology can provide a real attendee experience for people unable to travel.

Host virtual meetings

Like virtual attendees, create virtual meetings for people who cannot travel to your meeting. With advanced 360-degree camera and perspective, you will be able to see your attendees as if they are actually present in the room. Moreover, with augmented reality, the team can view and manoeuvre objects around them in real-time. The combination of virtual reality and augmented reality will allow modern event planners to interact with attendees in a completely different way and can save time and money.

Virtual reality will completely overhaul the way we discuss, attend and interact at events. Do you have any other ideas for implementing virtual reality at events? Let us know in the comments below!

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