Trade Shows Are Evolving & We Help You In Making Them Easy, Organized & Flawless!

Mobile first platform for your Events

                                                                                                  Mobile first platform for your Events

Tradeshows does not need to be complicated. Just keep it simple!

Remember iconic Steve Jobs? “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

There are Tradeshows where we could still find complexity. Yes, Exhibitors/Attendee still finds it complex when they get Hard copies full of data which needs to get place in manually into computers/CRM.

They somehow knew that those copies aren’t meant to help them and results often ends-up in trash can. Your exhibitors and attendees have gone mobile long before you think and now is the time for you to move ahead and get advanced.

Don’t just make attendees to visit multiple exhibits and walk away, rather give them an option where they could get to know exhibitors and their offerings. This will also work other way around.

For all event producers there are many options available in the market but the wiser one picks up the best.

Eventdex has a suite of event apps which runs on iOS, Android and Cloud.

Below are few offerings you can consider as done the very next moment you hire us

1) Boothleads:- Lead Retrieval (We help you in lead generation. right on your smartphones)

2) Online/Onsite Registration works:– (We help you with our easy to access and sophisticated cloud portal for registration works)

3) One on One Matchmaking:- (We help buyers & sellers, Schedule, reschedule meetings using smartphones)

4) Attendee Scan:- ( Power is yours, Attendee could scan and have all leads right in their phones)

5) Email Campaigning:- (Not limited upto applications providing, we will be helping you through-out and after your event.)

6) QR Code Generation:– (Before Lead Generation, we help you generate authentic QR codes)

Everyone in tradeshow/event wants to generate leads effectively. We make it easy and handy

Don’t let your data to get into your thrash can. You never know which lead could turn into business for you.

For further information, you could visit us at or email us at: [email protected]

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