CSE LIVE! 2018 Conference: Day 2

CSE LIVE 2018 Conference

Tuesday March 20th, Sheraton Centre Hotel Toronto The second day of the CSE Live 2018 has the most-awaited trade show – the Imaginarium. Imaginarium is one-of-its-kind trade show that brings 100+innovative and affordable vendors in one room so that you can discover fresh and affordable event solutions. Spread over 30,000 square feet space, the trade show is the place to be and meet creative suppliers as well as learn about big ideas. The exhibitors at the CSE Live are some of the leading industry suppliers that provide creative and innovative…

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Will The Events Industry Be Trumped By The US Election?

event management

With the world still getting to terms with the recent change in the US administration and Brexit, anxiety amongst event organizers has been at an all-time high. Have a look at how the recent policies introduced by the Trump administration will affect the events industry: Travel bans Recently the Trump administration announced a ban on people from Yemen, Sudan, Somalia,Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya from entering the United States. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, the travel ban could cost up to US$71 billion per year and result in…

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Event Planning Infographic & Technology Adoption

Infographic Presentation for Event Planning: The event planning and technology adoption Infographic gives the survey results from event planners. And meeting professionals and their way of adopting new event technologies to manage their meetings and events. The study shows that more than 50% of the organizations forecast their meetings and events budget. The numbers are significantly increasing, however the percentage of use of any event technology is still low. The valuable insights help :- Managing your meetings and events more effectively, using a Event management platform Helping meeting professionals to…

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How To Make Your Next Trade Shows A Successful One

Tradeshows are the most import strategy for any company. It gives a good platform for networking opportunities and showcasing your products in front of many prospects and clients. Tradeshow planning requires a long process of tedious planning and long working hours to design the entire show. Careful research and planning goes a long way in the process  for any tradeshow to make it successful. Below are the top 10 most top tips to a successful Tradeshow:- Location of your booth:– At tradeshows, try to get a good location. Most of…

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