Top 5 Things To Consider Before Planning The Food You Serve at Your Next Event

Event food

When was the last time you really really enjoyed attending an event?

Forget about the corporate thing, let’s talk in general. Usually, for me, an event (any kind) is memorable for 3 things-

1.The reason for attending the event in the 1st place

2.If it met my expectations by more than 80%

3.The food that was served 🙂

Often, we, who organize corporate events or are involved in hosting a conference/tradeshow do tend to stress more on the content of the occasion, the overall presentation, welcoming guests, building new relations, meeting prospects, answering their questions etc. But what we sometimes tend to overlook is the aspect of food and beverage that we are serving. I read somewhere that the ‘Food’ can actually make or break your event and that had me thinking am I pondering hard enough over this issue and choosing the right caterer?

Top 5 things that we should definitely consider are-

1. Doing an overall guest profile:

That means consider their age, their ethnicity, any strict religious habit that they might be following at the time of your event. For e.g. our experiences prove that although younger folks might experiment with spicy food, but the elderly tend to stick to food that is mild on their taste buds. Or consider someone who is just out of his fast or perhaps following a ritual which would impose restrictions on the platter.

2. Selection of the menu:

Try not to keep too many options as that would seem a little informal at ‘formal’ conferences and gatherings. Keep simple options for starters, entrees and not more than 2 desserts (we are talking of corporate events). Pick food that is more or less tasty, less prone to causing allergies (such as peanut) and easy on the digestive tract. After all you do not wish to see your guests falling sick after the event and calling you up to complain (oh that would be real bad!). If you are considering alcohol as a beverage think twice and prefer to keep it at the end of the event.

3. Dining space:

Keep in mind the space where your guests would be seated for lunch/dinner. It should be roomy, allowing sufficient space for people to move.

4. Presentation:

Request your caterer to pay attention to the minor details such as table decor, decorating the platter etc. Your guests should not see something on the table that can put them off instantly.

5. Last but not the least- plan the menu that fits the clock:

Carefully consider the menu depending on the time you keep for lunch/dinner. For instance, serving box food is a great idea when you have very less time.

Is there anything that we might have missed out? Share from your own experiences by dropping us a comment!

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