Overcoming The On-Site Registration Issues!!

Imagine a situation where you are attending a conference. This is something you have already registered for and by now you are already in your car, tuned into a good track, with your favorite cup of coffee, all excited to be a part of the much-awaited event/conference. Not too many people begin their days on a happy note, not too many have a smooth ride to their workplace.

Chances are you have been waiting too long at the toll gate because somebody started an argument early morning. With at least 8 cars before you, who are polite enough not to honk, you keep waiting, patiently too, since you have no other option. Okay. Next thing you know you have arrived at the venue almost in time- fair enough, but just as you are about to enter the hall you notice a pretty long queue. Suddenly hear someone saying ‘I hate to wait’.

Few people even try to break in causing more chaos. And just when you think you are finally at the counter, you are handed a form and plenty of fields that need to be filled in. You are asked to drop your business card and that’s when you realize you left a bunch of them in your car. This is when you frown; this is when you regret the moment you registered in the first place.
Now, imagine all this happening with your own pool of prospects, attending your own event or tradeshow. Imagined?

Is there a solution? YES!

Now think of attending the same event without a business card, without having to wait in the queue. It isn’t magic, it’s technology. Just make sure you get the right kind of Software that is easy to use, a robust but easy to use the mobile app (compatible with any iOS and Android devices). An app that lets your attendees show their QR codes at the booth which get scanned in a second and voila! You get all the information about your prospects in your mobile app and as well as it synchronizes to the dedicated online cloud portal in real time (the same info captured at time of registration)- A registration which is that easy, avoids loss of time, avoids wastage of paper, gets the job done in just a few clicks.

With Eventdex apps, you can now avoid all that you have been considering so far as a nightmare prior to hosting your event or tradeshow. Write to us to know more: [email protected]

That leaves your leads saying “wow, that’s a phenomenal technology”. That in fact also leaves your prospects happier, more focused on your event and more active on their social networks to spread the happy quotients!

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