Why Social Wall Is a Must-Have at Your Virtual Events

Social Wall for virtual events

Events are probably the best channel for networking and meeting new people. But creating a familiar place where attendees easily interact can be challenging, if not daunting, for many marketers. To encourage interactions and increase the impact of events, social walls are becoming a game-changing technology. A social wall can help attendees easily network and spark discussions before, during, and after the event. It gives a digital life to your event by allowing attendees to talk to each other, share experiences or images, and ask questions. What is a Social…

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Networking From Home: A Reality Of Virtual Meeting Apps

As we continue to grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events appear to be the only means for survival for companies in the events industry. The pandemic, which took the world by storm, has by far had a devastating effect on the industry, with events either being canceled or indefinitely postponed. These are desperate times, and such extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures for both event organizers and event technology providers. The silver lining in all this turmoil is that many event organizers have already started hosting virtual events…

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