Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Rule Event Industry in 2019

social media trends 2019

Social Media plays an important role in the event industry in several ways like driving traffic, increasing revenue and to generate curiosity in the audiences. A quantum of traffic to event registration and ticketing platforms arrives from social media channels. Events and social media, both are similar to one another in terms of objectives         To reach the audiences         Distribute or advertise their marketing content         Build a loyal fan-following around the product/ service/brand in the long run. With right social media strategy for event marketing, you can pull maximum registrations and…

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Why is Social Media One of the Best Ways to Promote Your Event?

First question is why not? In a world where globalization has become the first and last thing, engulfing your private and professional life, Social Media is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of promoting your business or any life event. With almost every person around walking with a smartphone, and spending time on the phone to do much more than a simple call/text, one should take advantage of social media for reaching out to millions and millions can reach you with a simple click. Although there is television,…

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