Are you fit to be an event planner?

event planner

Even if you are an expert at planning parties, do you think you have it in you to be a great event planner? An event planning job is quite stable and offers a lot of flexibility. You can start your own venture, work in an events company or for a private organization. But this job, no matter how fancy it looks, has some serious disadvantages that you may want to consider. Event planning can be fun, but at the same time stressful and busy. To become an event planner, you…

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Event Planning: What Works – What Doesn’t

So excited to bring you this week’s post, our 2nd Guest blogger please welcome 26 Stars! Events are considered to be a key communication mean for many companies. By hosting events, companies get a chance of building brand recognition, strengthening the community, gaining trust, generating revenue, establishing thought leadership, increasing their visibility, reaching a wider audience and so on. However successful events do not happen easily. To be successful, every event needs to be strategic, interactive and informative for creating engagement among the attendees and reinforcing the key messages of…

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