CSE LIVE! 2018 Conference: Day 2

CSE LIVE 2018 Conference

Tuesday March 20th, Sheraton Centre Hotel Toronto The second day of the CSE Live 2018 has the most-awaited trade show – the Imaginarium. Imaginarium is one-of-its-kind trade show that brings 100+innovative and affordable vendors in one room so that you can discover fresh and affordable event solutions. Spread over 30,000 square feet space, the trade show is the place to be and meet creative suppliers as well as learn about big ideas. The exhibitors at the CSE Live are some of the leading industry suppliers that provide creative and innovative…

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The History and Evolution of Event Venues

Even though the great comedian Patton Oswalt said that ”Every audience is different even with the same venue and you have to make every audience your audience”, we can never doubt for a second the impact a venue has on an event or its attendees. The term venue is actually derived from the Latin word ‘venire’ which means ‘to come’ or basically a place where people can come to. During the Inca period, men would blow hollowed out cow horns to summon a population for a meeting or festival. In…

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Top 10 Event Management Tools – Must Read For Every Event Professional

Planning an event means having a bunch of items on a single plate. The checklists are endless and it becomes all the more easy to make mistakes at the last minute. Here is a list of some of the most popular apps (based on user reviews) that could prove useful to the #eventprofs for various reasons. 1. Eventbrite– One of the most highly rated software, allowing businesses to organize and sell tickets (online events)  proficiently. From creating and customizing event pages to letting your attendees pay online, this emerges as…

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